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Theories of Leadership

Expert and Staff Development FSPSD200 Leadership Theory Simplified Allisen Penn Assistant Professor  ­ Leadership Development â€Å"Pop leadership† reasoning has large amounts of our way of life today. Book shops have retires brimming with books on leaderâ ­ transport. Pioneers and administration are talked about every day on teleâ ­ vision, radio, papers, magazines and on the web. Subsequently, many blended messages about administration are communicated. So †how would you choose what is precise? Peruse within front of an authority book and you may find that the book is more about manageâ ­ ment and business than initiative. An agazine or paper may simply communicate the assessment of a well known individual about initiative. While the point of view of a notable chief or the understanding offered in a book might be important, you might need to ask †is this data upheld by look into? A comprehension of the current initiative research may assist you with molding yo ur own conclusion about what is acceptable administration. When you figure out what is acceptable leaderâ ­ transport, you can start to build up your own initiative methodology. Arkansas Is Our Campus Visit our site at: http://www. uaex. edu What is authority? There are nearly the same number of meanings of leaderâ ­ hip as there are books and sentiments about administration. You might need to characterize authority for yourself. Compose your meaning of initiative: A generally acknowledged meaning of administration is a procedure utilized by a person to impact a gathering of individuals toward a shared objective (Bass, 1990; Howell and Costley, 2001). Maxwell (1993) basically expresses that initiative is impact. The accompanying outline of administration hypotheses is planned to give a summation of a portion of the examination led on authority over the most recent 50 years. There is a rundown of proposed perusing (page 4) to assist you with getting familiar with the hypotheses cap request to you. College of Arkansas, United States Department of Agriculture, and County Governments Cooperating Seven Common Views of Leadership Describe underneath: There are some regular convictions, which incorporate both reality and fiction, about administration that can be summed up into seven perspectives on initiative (Lee and King, 2001). 1. The Genetic View †Some individuals are brought into the world with authority abilities and others are most certainly not. Just certain individuals can figure out how to lead viably; they are naturals. On the off chance that you don't have this inalienable ability, there is no other option for you. 2. The Learned View †If you study administration arefully and practice, you can figure out how to be a successful pioneer, regardless of whom you are. One might say, this is something contrary to the hereditary view. This view is regular in the military and among administration improvement experts. 3. The Heroic View †The main great pioneers are the individuals who perform brave, savvy and compasâ ­ sionate accomplishments that all of us can’t. Think about the film jobs played by Gary Cooper, Jimmy Stewart and John Wayne. The observation is this is the sort of pioneers who get all of us in the clear. 4. The Top-Only View †Leadership just occurs at or near the highest point of an organization.Everyone else â€Å"just follows orders. † If you are not the chief, you are nothing. On the off chance that you are the chief, you are all that anybody could want. Being â€Å"the boss† is a definitive objective. 5. The Social Script View †When it is your legitimate go to be the pioneer, you will be inquired. When asked, you ought to acknowledge and be appreciative. All things considered, not every person is inquired. This methodology is normal in proficient affiliations and municipal or network associations. 6. The Position View †If you are in the activity and have the title, you are a pioneer. This thought is tradiâ ­ tional in administrations and profoundly organized rganizations and conveys some legitimacy even in the best frameworks. In the event that your title is stated â€Å"director of†¦Ã¢â‚¬  or â€Å"head of†¦,† your initiative excellencies are expected. 7. The Calling View †Although not really a strict encounter, a â€Å"call† to lead can be very convincing. This idea proposes that pioneers have a feeling of crucial reason. Do any of these sound natural to you? Which one of these perspectives have you encountered? Each pioneer is unique, and no single hypothesis works for all pioneers. Start to build up your own administration approach by becoming familiar with the accompanying initiative hypotheses. †¢ Great man Trait Behavioral Contingency Transactional Transformational Great Man. Scientists who bolster the Great Man hypothesis accept that individuals are destined to authority. This may incorporate individua ls from eminence, high-positioning military officials and industry heads. Today, numerous individuals despite everything hold this conventional conviction, and despite the fact that this hypothesis may sound oldfashioned, inquire about recommends that a few people have character attributes, practices and information that loan themselves to administration (Yaverbaum and Sherman, 2008). Examining well known illustrious, military or industry pioneers may give you a few instruments that help ou build up your own administration capacities. Attribute Theory. Like the Great Man hypothesis, Trait hypothesis recommends that the attributes or the character of an individual may make them a compelling pioneer. A few scholastics accept that potential chiefs can be spotted by considering the character qualities of the individual and coordinating them to the attributes of real pioneers. Quality hypothesis was nearly surrendered by authority specialists as initiative research advanced, however in t he previous barely any years, there has been a recharged intrigue and more research identified with Trait hypothesis. Initiative qualities incorporate physical or foundation raits, individual or capacity attributes or potentially assignment or social characteristics, for example, †¢ Articulate Committed Decisive Determined †¢ Educated Energetic Integrity Intelligence Persistence Responsible Social Status Self-Confident James Kouzes and Barry Posner, creators of The Leadership Challenge, met 75,000 individuals to recognize the best ten qualities required in a pioneer. Their rundown incorporates the accompanying attributes: †¢ Broad-disapproved of Competent Dependable Fair-disapproved Forward-looking Honest Inspiring Intelligent Supportive Straightforward All of these qualities are not character raits. Numerous analysts state you don’t must be brought into the world with these attributes. Truth be told, you can build up a portion of these qualities as a component of your own authority approach. Conduct Theory. Conduct hypothesis centers around what a powerful pioneer â€Å"does. † Leadership isn't something you are brought into the world with, nor do you need a lot of regularly acknowledged characteristics. Be that as it may, successful leaderâ ­ transport is subject to the correct conduct. Analysts recommended that for a pioneer to be successful, their conduct must differ with the circumstance. As it were, you can figure out the proper behavior like a pioneer. that coordinate their ability.The pioneer gives instructing, course, inspiration and compensations for the devotees. †¢ Situational Theory suggests that various circumstances call for various types of administration. This requires the pioneer to change their style to the capacities of their adherents. Value-based Theory. Value-based authority necessitates that the pioneer and supporter consent to an agreement. The devotee is liable for following requests to play out an e rrand. The pioneer, thus, provides prizes for following requests in finishing the assignment. Value-based authority proposes that individuals possibly complete assignments when there are outer rewards.However, numerous individuals achieve errands and arrive at objectives due to their own inside inspiration. Transformational Theory. Transformational initiative is a procedure wherein the pioneer draws in others, constructs trust and makes an association that builds the inspiration and ethical quality in both the pioneer and the devotee. (Northouse, 2001). A transâ ­ formational pioneer centers around others and their needs so as to assist them with arriving at their latent capacity. From multiple points of view, transformational administration is about a leader’s capacity to make a dream identified with an objective that has significance for both the pioneer and follower.Personalizing Leadership Which of these hypotheses has the most intrigue to you? Compose a depiction about how and when you would utilize the hypothesis, with whom, where and what abilities you may need to figure out how to be increasingly viable. What hypothesis? Conduct speculations depend on classifications of conduct and initiative sorts. The legend in this reasoning is that outward conduct is sufficient to set up administration. During the 1970s, look into discovered a large portion of the Behavior hypothesis research to be invalid (Howell and Costley, 2001; Yaverbaum and Sherman, 2008); in any case, administration conduct is still much of the time discussed.Contingency Theory. In an increasingly dynamic way to deal with initiative, Contingency hypothesis recomâ ­ repairs coordinating a leader’s style to the privilege situâ ­ ation, which includes coordinating to the group of individuals and objectives. Two basic Contingency speculations are Path-Goal hypothesis and Situational hypothesis. †¢ Path-Goal Theory suggests that successful pioneers assist devotees with arriv ing at objectives through inspiration by including them in satisfying and important assignments How would you intend to utilize what you have realized? When will you use what you realized? References and Suggested Reading Bass, B. M. (1990). Bass and Stogdill’s Handbook ofLeadership: Theory Research and Managerial Application. New York: Free Press. Howell, J. P. , and D. L. Costley (2001). Understanding Behaviors for Effective Leadership. Seat River, NJ: Prentice-Hall. With whom do you intend to utilize what you realized? Kouzes, J. M. , and B. Z. Posner (2002). The Leadership Challenge. San Francisco: Jossey Bass. Lee, R. J. , and S. N. Ruler (2001). Finding the Leader in You: A Guide to Realizing Your Personal Leadership Poten

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Porters National Competitive Advantage Diamond

Watchmen National Competitive Advantage Diamond Fraser Neave holding Bhd. was consolidated at year 1883 when originators John Fraser and David Chalmers Neave shaped an organization named Singapore Straits Aerated Water Company in Singapore. Hardly any years after the fact, FN was united and enter the food drink industry. FN has its own vision to turn into the main all out drink organization in Malaysia and the area and their central goal is to be a world-class worldwide endeavor giving better returns than their investors, brilliant incentive for their clients and a remunerating profession for their representatives. FN Company is one of the Malaysia notable refreshment organization which the well known item is the isotonic beverages 100plus propelled at year 1984. FN produce wide scope of refreshment that can be named soda pops, dairies, non-carbonated drinks just as independent business property. They were propelling the improved consolidated filled milk in year 1973, and the securing of Nestlã ©s canned milk business in Thailand and Malaysia in year 2007. Other than that FN top notch canned milk was likewise increase great notoriety in Malaysia. This item is generally use as refreshment blenders in espresso, tea and chocolate beverages and now canned milk has effectively to send out this item to in excess of 20 nations around the globe. Also, the halal accreditation offers solid consolation to Muslim clients in the developing Halal markets in the Middle East and Africa. FN Company was granted The Readers Digest Trusted Brand from year 2005 to 2008, Media Magazine Top 1000 Asian Brands 2007, etc. It demonstrates that their client was sure when utilizing their items since they are worry about their wellbeing and security quality. FN Company was consistently improve their quality and brands to difficulties the commercial center and to turn into the pioneer. FN Company is likewise notable organization that thinking about the social condition and workplace. They actualized and executed different natural stewardship and propelled various reusing efforts in schools to instill great ecological propensities among youngsters and therefore, make mindfulness on the significance of reusing. FN Company additionally set-up a RM1.2 million assets named Chairmans Award to elevate instructive greatness and to perceive high-achievers among offspring of FN Groups workers. FN Company has accomplished a security record of zero mishap (no misfortune time mishap) gathered from 1 February 2007 to 21 September 2009 with an all out 962 days or 2.3 million working hours. Regarding its natural consistence episode and accomplished zero ecological consistence status. Vermin Crucial: be a world-class global endeavor giving better returns than our investors, amazing an incentive for our clients and a remunerating profession for our representatives. Vision: To turn into the main complete drink organization in Malaysia and the area. Each organization has their crucial vision articulation filled in as generally speaking motivation behind business. The crucial vision explanation above are set by FN. There are outside ecological issues have or will influence FN to accomplish their main goal. These outer natural issues are being classified by PEST(EL) model. PEST(EL) model is to examine the outside condition issues of organization. It arranged condition issues into political, financial, social, mechanical, biological and lawful impacts. Monetary Improving development prospect of Malaysia, Thailand and the locale carries more salary to FN as is signals economy are in acceptable condition and people groups are happy to spend subsequently will build deals in that specific district. The development possibilities remember ascending of Malaysia GDP for year 2010 that is around 10% contrast with 4.5% in 2009 that ascent from some main consideration of assembling industry creation with a twofold digit development of 16.9% in year 2010. ASEAN nations are developing fast in their economy consequently placing FN an ideal factor in developing of benefits. FN has developed positive shopper conclusion to their item. For instance 100PLUS, isotonic beverage that is particular for athletes to hold the digestion. It is an idea all around assembled that it is casted a ballot number 1 isotonic beverages in Malaysia since its presentation in 1983. That very much assembled positive slant brings others beverages of FN to be well attractive. It is the customer feeling to the items upgraded the benefit factor of FN towards other contender along these lines is at a favorable position in the market. Political Government had put activity to support going through of customer with new financial model (NEM), with this model being seek after, Malaysia monetary lift as buyer buying power increments and are encouraged to spend. FN will get advantage by give merchandise to be offered to the market consequently boosting deals. FN items are on the whole Halal consequently are entitled for Halal Hub Tax Incentive. The motivator offered had diminished FN some level of assessment risk to the administration. It made FN progressively gainful contrast with those organizations which doesn't equipped for the motivating force. Government has reclaimed some motivator in year 2009, the withdrawal of appropriation of fuel and sugar has put an effect on FN as the vast majority of the FN center organizations required huge measure of sugar which is dairies and soda pop business. The withdrawal of sugar appropriation bring down the general benefit of the FN in spite of the fact that there is an enormous improve a deals yet the benefit doesnt show a lot of progress as the sugar cost increments. Withdrawals of fuel did likewise affect on FN as the expense of their interior and outer dissemination cost expands in this way decreases benefit. Innovative In the start of 2011, FN presented new item, Ice Mountain and it has quicker offer increase among bottler waters player which built up 5% piece of the overall industry in Malaysia. FN propelled new refreshment Zesta across Malaysia in October 2011.Zesta has amazingly incredible tasting berry soft drink seasoned pop. It substance the Guarana tropical berries that begin from Amazon, South America. What's more, Guarana tropical berries strengthen the body and psyche. Zesta is an augmentation of our effectively enormous exhibit of FN drinks, a refreshment that was started to supplement our current scope of FN brands, making a change vehicle for our developing band of customers, said Dato Ng Jui Sia, CEO of Fraser Neave Holdings Bhd. FN accepts that Zesta is the delineation of developing patterns for refreshment upgraded pop. (Zesta 2011) Ecological Sichuan Earthquake of May 2008 has caused the crude material cost increment and companys benefit is influenced. Catastrophic event is past desire and control of the organization. Benefit before intrigue and assessment in 2008 became just 5%. This natural factor has influenced organization to accomplish their central goal. Catastrophic event would fill in as deterrent that FN give better returns than investors. Watchmen 5 powers Today, Fraser Neave Holdings Bhd (FN) has broadened business at in excess of 20 nations worldwide and set up itself as a territorial player. So that, FN need use Porters five powers model to investigation and understanding the idea of the serious condition. FN has a ton of advantages from utilizing Porters five powers model. They can guarantee that administration thinks about a wide scope of potential effects when contriving procedure. They permit the division of the work in ecological examination and settle on choice in time. Not just that, Porters five power likewise creating successful procedures to raise FN gainfulness, power, and serious situation in an industry. Watchmen five powers is partitioned into danger of section, force of serious contention, danger of substitute item, dealing intensity of purchaser and bartering intensity of providers. Danger of passage Danger of passage is new contestants into market will bring additional limit and escalate rivalry. The quality of the danger from new contestants will rely on the quality of the hindrances to passage and the imaginable reaction of existing rivalry to another participant. FN produce two new soda pop FN Clearly Citrus and Zesta were propelled in soda showcase at year 2011. Zesta and FN Clearly Citrus are getting client care and the new delivers additionally have a more appeal from the purchaser. Zesta deals would make other contender have entered the soft drink showcase, it will make a danger for the FN influence the market deals. In this way, FN ought to protectively contender who are entered the soft drink market to making obstructions that new participants to the market discover hard to survive. This can guarantee the Zesta deals would not influence and guarantee the expand investors riches. FN ready to involve in the Malaysia soft drink showcase a significant job. FN have 90% item are utilizing sugar to create, with the goal that sugars expenses involve a greater amount of the material expense. Early government dispersion sugar endowment to sugar provider that FN can utilize a lower cost to buys sugar. This can spare a great deal of pointless costs, so FN can utilize a lower cost to sell them soda and dairy item. Government evacuates all sugar sponsorships since year 2011 up to this point. The genuine increment in sugar costs had a significant effect, along with the worldwide product cost increment, and prompted an inescapable 25 percent cost increment of Sweetened Condensed Milk. This difference in government spending makes FN confronting an incredible emergency and bartering intensity of provider. Dealing intensity of provider Dealing intensity of providers definition with the more grounded intensity of providers in an industry the more troublesome it is for firms inside that segment to make a benefit. It is on the grounds that providers can decide the terms and conditions on which business is directed. At the point when government evacuates the sugar appropriations, FN need to research and assessment momentum sugar provider what value they giving and examination the expansion whether FN can acknowledged. FN ought to accomplish more research to discover another sugar provider who can give lower cost to them. FN additionally confronting sugar quality are not same contrast and current provider w

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13 Questions You Should Be Asking about Updating Your References

13 Questions You Should Be Asking about Updating Your References National Update Your References Week It seems there are international and/or national weeks for just about everything, and the first week in May was, as proclaimed by Career Directors International, International Update Your References Week (UYRW). Why such a thing? CDI says UYRW “was created due to the importance of job seekers [sic] learning to maintain a network of warm contacts and references, in order to assist them in career change, employment, and growth.” CDI’s director, Laura DeCarlo, asserts that “up to 45% of employers check references, so it is necessary to be prepared to be asked for them.” Are You a Skeptic about National Anything Weeks? Even as a resume writer, my initial response to learning about International Update Your References Week was, “You’ve gotta be kidding. How much could there possibly be to do or say about references?” But then I thought about all the people reading my blog who might not have their references updated. I did a double-take for myself too: If I were to apply for employment somewhere, would my references be at my fingertips at the moment I needed them? I Need to Update My References The answer to that second question was … well … “mostly yes.” I’m connected with the majority of my past supervisors on LinkedIn, and recently had a nice chat with one of them just to catch up. When I travel to New York, I make an effort to visit my old stomping grounds in Brooklyn to stay in contact with the folks at CAMBA Legal Services. So why do I say “mostly”? Well, I have, embarrassingly enough, forgotten the name of my most recent supervisor at the University Of Wisconsin Law School’s Career Services Office. Prior to posting this article, I wrote to the man who was assistant director during my tenureâ€"someone I have stayed connected with through networkingâ€"and asked for his assistance in identifying her. Oops. From my own erroneous ways in the references department, I can confidently say that while updating your references is something that’s best done on an ongoing basis (just like being nice to your mother on days other than Mother’s Day, or showing love to your partner on days other than Valentine’s Day), it doesn’t hurt to give some extra attention to this project once a year. 13 Questions and Answers About Updating Your References Since Update Your References Week proved useful to me, I imagine it will be a wake-up call for some of you too! To that end, here are some questions you might have about updating your references, which are answered on the UYRW information page: Why do I need to provide references for an employer? Who makes a good reference? How many references do I need? What types of information do I list? Should I list references directly on my resume? Should I list “References Available Upon Request” on resume? What if I was fired from my last job? Do I need to list that employer as a reference? When do I send references? What if I can’t find all of my previous supervisors? Do I need to ask permission to use someone as a reference? Someone once suggested that I send a copy of my resume to all my references. Why should I do that? What if I don’t have any prior experience? CDI has thoroughly answered all those questions and I recommend you read the answers. You might be surprised by some of them! Another question came up recently for me: “Can I quote my references on my resume without asking for their specific permission to do so?” My answer to that is, “It depends.” If your reference has publicized their testimonial on LinkedIn, then their recommendation is fair game. If they have not, then best practice is to request their permission before putting their name on your resume, especially if a quote is attributed to them. This doesn’t mean you can’t use their rave review from an evaluation or other sourceâ€"but get their permission first, or, as an alternative, use their title only, without their name attached to it. Keeping It Personal Also missing from CDI’s list is a recommendation that I would like to make: Stay in contact with your references! Are you aware of your former boss’s career transitions? Family milestones? Remember, people will be most willing and enthusiastic about providing recommendations for you if you exhibit interest in them for more than their reference status. Staying in touch with your references will be particularly useful if they are prohibited by company policy from providing a recommendation, but can find a way around the rulesâ€"or if they move to another company, allowing them to provide a reference for the prior one. Do you have other questions about references? I will be happy to answer them even though Update Your Reference Week is over! I’d also love to hear how you would rate yourself on your communications with your references. Is it time to reach out to someone or find out what’s happening with their career or life? There’s no time like a national UYRW to do it!

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Art Analysis Essay - 957 Words

Though most works of art have some underlying, deeper meaning attached to them, our first impression of their significance comes through our initial visual interpretation. When we first view a painting or a statue or other piece of art, we notice first the visual details – its size, its medium, its color, and its condition, for example – before we begin to ponder its greater significance. Indeed, these visual clues are just as important as any other interpretation or meaning of a work, for they allow us to understand just what that deeper meaning is. The expression on a statue’s face tells us the emotion and message that the artist is trying to convey. Its color, too, can provide clues: darker or lighter colors can play a role in how we†¦show more content†¦The Stele depicts a simple scene: a seated man and standing woman behind him stare blankly straight ahead. A woman standing on the left looks down upon them. All of them are ordinary humans. They are not gods or goddesses. They are private people. Their clothing is plain, consisting of simple robes. It is representational of a regular family mourning the loss of one of its members, a scene that most people, even today, are able to relate to hundreds or even thousands of years later. The stele conveys a solemn forlornness that can be seen in the figures’ faces. Their mouths are tightly shut; their eyes gaze blankly ahead. The woman on the left stares ahead with little emotion on her face. The stele does not depict any motion. All of the figures are standing (or sitting) still, in quiet memorial. This solemnity adds to the emotion of a grave where the stele once stood. There is no real clear answer as to who is being mourned. Are the seated man and the woman mourning the loss of their daughter, on the left? Or is the woman on the left mourning the loss of a father? The sculpture’s ambiguity also adds to the emotion that it evokes. It might even be appropriate for its purpose. Its function was to mark a gravesite – the site of the body of someone who has died. Death is one of the most complex parts of life. It is the most ambiguous, for nobody knows for sure what happens in death. The ambiguity of the stele highlightsShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Ar t for Hearts Sake1876 Words   |  8 PagesThe analysis. â€Å"Art for heart’s sake†. ДÐ µÃ ¹Ã ½Ã µÃ ºÃ ¾ ДÐ °Ã'€Ã'Å'Ã' , ЛПÐ ¡-001-O-11 I’d like to tell you about my analysis of the story â€Å"Art for heart’s sake† . It’s a very interesting story written by R.L.Goldsberg. He was an American sculptor, cartoonist and writer. He graduated from the. He produced several series of cartoons that were highly popular. His best works are â€Å"Is There a Doctor in the House?†, â€Å"Rube Goldsberg’ Guide to Europe† and â€Å"I MadeRead MoreAnalysis of Art1837 Words   |  8 Pagespervaded Hopper’s works in the second half of his career† (Turner, 752). He started to paint the commonplaces of urban life with anonymous figures. However, most of his oil and watercolor paintings are neither crowded nor lively urban scenes. Rather, his art work captures the calm and solitary scene in urban areas. In his paintings, even though he paints urban scenes, dark places in a town or a single person in a plain bedroom dominate most of his paintings. This isolation of his subjec ts â€Å"was heightenedRead MoreEssay on Comparative Analysis of Art1087 Words   |  5 PagesArt History Professor November 2012 Throughout history art has served as a preservation and representation of the time in which they were made. During the Ancient Greek period art was not only mare naturalistic and humanistic but also became directly affected by the events going around. Both the Marble Statue of an Old Woman and the Marble Statue of Aphrodite are sculptures that were made during the Ancient Greek era, they each tell a story of what was going on during that pointRead MoreArt Analysis : Egyptian Art917 Words   |  4 PagesAnna Lam Professor Hayburn Western Civ. Art Analysis 2 March 2016 Art Analysis Paper Egyptian art has always been extremely interesting and Egyptian art has influenced a lot of other societies in the past. They have created the three pyramids, the sphinx, Pharaoh sculptures, and so much more. The one piece that is very intriguing was the Akhenaten, Nefertiti, and Daughters stone. Akhenaten changes the states religion to Aten which is the Sun God, he even changed his name to Akhenaten which meansRead MorePolicy Analysis : An Art852 Words   |  4 Pagesthe question of whether policy analysis should be understood as an art or a science. First, the essay defines what a policy analyst does, and from here shows how the scientist and artist diverge from one another. The essay then delves into the epistemic difference between the two. It finds the scientists to have a false epistemology, and that the artists epistemology to be true. It is due to this that the paper concludes that policy analysis is not a science but an art, as the way that each view conceptualizesRead More Analysis Of The Creation Of Art ( Encyclopedia Brittanica ) Essay979 Words   |  4 Pagesbasic theoretical principle in the creation of art (Encyclopedia Brittanica). Mimesis was a term and principle used by both Plato and Aristotle. According to Plato, art is an â€Å"imitation of and imitation† when compared to the forms. What he means by this is that an art creation is an imitation of something physical, which in itself is an imitation of a form. Aristotle believes artist creations are an â€Å"imitation of an action†. This is interpreted as art is the imitation of the action of life. TogetherRead MoreArt Museum - S.W.O.T. Analysis Essay706 Words   |  3 PagesS.W.O.T. Analysis The S.W.O.T. analysis for the Cinicinnati Art Museum is what gives the viewer the information to easily see what is wrong and isn’t wrong with the museum, while providing information on possibilities the museum can capitalize on and what threats could harm the museum. The strengths were not hard to identify. I identified six different ones, all self-explanatory. Free admission, membership purchases, host of traveling exhibits, host of special events (weddings, parties, etcRead MoreEssay on An Analysis of the Renaissance and Romanticism Art Periods1241 Words   |  5 PagesEarlier Historical Art Period In the early 1300s, Europeans began to shed the dark and oppressing mindsets of the Middle Ages. This sparked a revolution that would begin in Italy and spread throughout Europe, and is known today as the Renaissance. The word Renaissance literally (and fittingly) means ‘rebirth’ – making it a fitting title for a period where interest in learning, philosophy, and the classical arts were ‘reborn’. Where the Middle Ages took the meaning out of the arts – using paintingsRead MoreIntertextual Analysis of Works of Art2998 Words   |  12 PagesPostmodern art is the representation of the return to pre-modern art styles and genres, and there is no longer a division between art, popular culture, and media. This philosophical term challenged and reacted against what modernism had to say, echoing dramatic changes in our social and economic features. Furthermore postmodern essays and critiques coincided with the arrival of contemporary art. Contemporary art is more socially conscious and philosophically all encompassing of several styles andRead MoreSwot Analysis : Culinary Arts1251 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Culinary arts are bound up with cookery which is related to food preparation and catering job such as chefs and cooks and people who work in catering industry can also called culinarian or culinary artist. Food science, nutrition and diet, table manners are essential knowledge of culinary artist for establishing restaurants or hotels. Culinary arts have developed since 1900’s by culinary arts institutes in Europe, America, and Asia. The main achievement of culinary arts institute is for

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Eating Fast Food May Cause Obesity Free Essays

Elizabeth Collins English 1302 March 27, 2013 Eating Fast Food May Cause Obesity Most American eat out daily and fast food is fried and high in calories, the bottom line is it’s all about choices. Making the decision to choose fried, baked or grilled food is a choice. Fast food, namely McDonald’s, tends to get a bad rap, McDonald’s got a bad rap because it is not only convenient but they made their food look attractive and desirable to kids. We will write a custom essay sample on Eating Fast Food May Cause Obesity or any similar topic only for you Order Now They placed those golden arches high in the air on the bright neon sign, and they put toys in their happy meals. While McDonald’s happy meals was not the most nutritious, now there are options as to what you can put in a kids happy meal. Statistics show that more than two-third of United States adults are obese: â€Å"Currently 58% of adults and 39% of children are classified as overweight or obese. † (4). Younger adults are less like to be obesity than adults at age sixty. In 1999-2000 obesity among boys increased from fourteen percent to eighteen point six percent in 2009-2010; there was no significance change among girls. In 1999-2000 obesity rate was 13. 8% and 15. % in 2009-2010. Then in 2007-2010 there was no change in general in obesity among boys and girls. Around 25% of children are overweight or obese. Most children that are obese in their childhood will be obese in their adult life. It is appropriate to say fast food may cause obesity. According to these statistics; this is because at most fast food restaurants you can up-size: medium, large, or super-size. Ordering oversized portions of servings may cause you to overeat. Although in the past McDonalds was blamed for a large part of obesity rate, McDonalds has made efforts to consciously make consumers more aware of what their food contains. It has also made more choices available, with much better nutritional value. In comparison, KFC chicken pot pies has 790 calories in them and wouldn’t this much soda be higher in calories. Much like big business where there’s a need; there’s an opportunity to make money, but many fast food restaurants are putting more healthier choices on their menu: For instance, Chipotle, my fit foods, Fuddruckers, 2nd even Luby’s. Studies have been done to show the effect of fast food on obesity. Americans may be prone to other behaviors that affect obesity when they eat fast food. It is a concern that fast food restaurants close to schools lead more children to obesity. To begin with, Data is computed to determine how many miles the fast food restaurants is within distance of the school. Knowingly there is a fast food restaurant in the area; if the restaurant is very close to the school, its questionable how so and that is a good way to recognize the effect of fast food on obesity. Next, the studies monitor a rich set of school and area individuality in their analysis. Finally, over a period of time, these studies will vary. Not long ago I was asked to look at a choice between making a hot dog using a hot dog bun or using regular bread. The actual content of the hot dog is pretty ordinary, but the biggest difference can be made when choosing to eat an actual bun versus using bread for better or worse? Some people say fast food does not cause obesity. They say fast food restaurants have food now with less calories and a menu to show how many calories in the serving you are eating, and that fast food restaurants has more than doubled, because more American say it convenient to eat out than the go home and cook. While in the reports on popular press have repeatedly suggested that fast food is slightly to blame for the rise of the obesity rate in the U. S, it’s hard to show a connection between fast food and obesity. As an American, you have the ability to make healthier choices, so do it. With all things considered, you just need to know what to order and watch the amount of calories you take in. On salads, try using Balsamic Vinaigrette instead of Ranch or Thousand Island. Consider picking grilled chicken over breaded. Maybe try eating a sandwich without any type of dressing, or just try exercising at least twice a week. Yes; fast food can cause obesity, but it’s all about the choices we make. Work Cited Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 20 Jan. 2011. Web. 25 Mar. 2013. http://www. cdc. gov/nchs/about. htm. â€Å"How Is Fast Food Contributing to Obesity in America? † LIVESTRONG. COM. N. p. , n. d. Web. 26 Mar. 2013. http://www. livestrong. com/article/457854-how-is-fast-food-contributing-to-obesity-in-america/. â€Å"Obesity Facts. † Obesity Facts. N. p. , n. d. Web. 25 Mar. 2013. http://www. obesity-info. com/. â€Å"The National Bureau of Economic Research. † The National Bureau of Economic Research. N. p. , n. d. Web. 26 Mar. 2013. http://www. nber. org/. How to cite Eating Fast Food May Cause Obesity, Essays

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Solomons Temple Was Constructed Around 966 BC, At Mount Moria, Out Of

Solomon's temple was constructed around 966 BC, at Mount Moria, out of the finest wood and metals. The temple remained there for almost four hundred years when it was destroyed by the army of Nabuchodonozor in 586 BC. In Hebrew, it is called Bet Yehovah, meaning house of Jehovah, the New Testament calls it oikos, meaning the house, and in Latin it was called cella, meaning the most holy place of the temple. The temple was constructed on the highest point in the land, surrounded by courts and royal palaces. The story of the temple begins with King Solomon's father, King David. He commanded that all of his people should be counted. One day, he saw an angel, sent by God, to strike down all of the people as a punishment for David's pride. King David repented and bought the land where he saw the angel. He gathered treasures from foreign lands and his people to build a great temple to God, but his son Solomon did the actual construction. He went to Hiram, King Tyre in Phoenicia to hire workers since the Jews were not skilled in the arts. He hired experts in masonry, brass working and carpentry. The measurement used to construct the temple was the cubit. Even though there are many different translations of exactly how long a cubit is, my research shows that it was roughly one foot, five and three fourth inches. Construction of the temple was finally completed seven and a half years after it started with a dedication from King Solomon. The interior of the temple had two chambers, which were not equal in length. The height of both chambers was twenty cubits, however the first chamber was longer by twenty cubits. The first one was called the hekal, which means Holy Place. Inside this room was a golden table that priests would place the loaves of proposition on every Sunday. There were also five candles on both sides of the room. These candles were made of pure gold and were each fueled by seven oil lamps. To the East was a pentagonal door six cubits wide, which entered into the second chamber called the debir, which means Holy of Holies. This room contained the sacred, Ark of the Covenant. Inside the ark was a vessel of mana, the rod of Aaron and the two tablets, which had the ten laws given to Moses by God in the desert, written on them. The walls of both chambers were lined with cedar wood, coated with gold. The floor was made of fur wood, covered with gold chains. Above these chambers was another area, ten cubits high, but no record says what this was used for. The flat roof was made of beams and planks of cedar wood. Some archaeologists believe that it may have been arched since such a surface would have easily leaked, but records say that it was flat. Both chambers had windows, but they were not made to let light into the rooms, rather, they were made to bring fresh air in and take smoke from the burning incense out. The entire temple sat on a large stone platform, which stuck out five cubits around the base. At the front of the building were ten steps that led up to the door. On both sides of the stairs were two large brass pillars. The pillar to the right was called Jachin, meaning, he will establish, and the pillar on the left was called Booz, meaning, in strength. The pillars did not support the temple but were for decoration. Outside the temple was a courtyard called the court of the priests. On each side of the temple, the courtyards were twenty cubits wide and in front, the courtyard was one hundred cubits square. The grounds of the courtyards were made of large stone slabs. In the front courtyard, right before the steps entering the temple was the altar of holocausts. This was a layered structure used to burn goats and other animals for sacrifice. The courtyard also had something called the sea of molten. It was a large basin used by priests for ritualistically washing themselves before they performed sacrifices. When Solomon constructed the temple, there wasn't any wall to